What Would Your Favourite Disney Villains Say If They Were Desi Aunties? This Artist Tells Us

We have all grown up watching Disney films. The colours, the storyline, the animation, the feminist characters, and the deeper meanings in the story arcs, everything about it was as enchanting as the films itself. But, what about the dreaded villains? Seldom, these characters get the importance they deserve, be it the Evil Queen from Snow White or Ursula from The Little Mermaid. These characters had such intricate and intense storylines, but no one ever really focused on them, except labelling them as the dreaded side characters who tried to spoil the happily-ever-afters. 

But thank god for Simmi, and illustrator with the Instagram handle called @paper.samosa, who tried to explore this area, and came up with something truly hilarious. Try imagining a Disney villain as a desi prying aunty. You can surely imagine the results will be hilarious and they truly are. 

The posters are a perfect depiction of how a Disney villain would be like if they were a desi aunty. 

Aunty Ursula from the deep, deep gali around the corner, who always has her eyes on you.

The intrusive aunty who just won't stop competing. 

That nosy aunty who just wants to be done with you and marry you off. 

Evil aunty Cruella de Vil who will blame everything on you. 

Simmi's incredible work is just not limited to Disney. She also takes little nuances and quirks from everyday instances in her life and draws illustrations around it. Most of her artwork is also inspired by trending pop culture references. Look at some of her other work here. 

To see more of Simmi's artwork and her hilarious illustrations of everything funny and in between follow her here

Picture credits: Paper Samosa 





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