Vontouring or Vaginal Contouring: Would You Go That Far?

We've all heard of contouring, whether we can do it or not. But the beauty industry won't stop there, because lo and behold, there's a new kind of contouring in town. This one doesn't focus on your face, but let's go farther south, and we're in business.

Christened 'Vontouring,' or as it is officially known, Protégé Intima , this is a new technique that promises to “correct the external look of vagina” with an ultrasound that stimulates collagen production with “intensive heating.” Plastic surgeons have said this treatment will increase the flexibility of the labia majora and minora and provide “significant and long-lasting improvement of sexual satisfaction.”

Here in India, we have the famous vaginal tightening gel '18 Again' that makes sex “feel like the first time.” We cannot fathom why anyone would want that, considering the “first time” is painful and awkward for most of us, and does nothing but make us want to sit down and give these people a thorough explanation about the myth of 'loose' and 'tight' vaginas.

The vaginal musculature is elastic, which means that it will contract and go back to its original shape and size, after sexual intercourse, as well as childbirth. It may take a little longer in the case of childbirth, but it's an inevitability. Sexual arousal leads to the vaginal muscles relaxing, or 'loosening' to make room for the penis. It's simple biology, because a tight vagina hinders our evolutionary need to procreate.

Now that that's out of the way, let's go back to Vontouring. It's supposedly a less invasive form of vaginal rejuvenation that will give you plumper and firmer vaginal lips, as long as you're ready to put your vagina at the mercy of “intensive heating.” Which is perfectly fine, if you want one. But it makes no sense to advertise this procedure with this choice of words: “correct the external look of your vagina.”

Vaginas come in different shapes, sizes, and colours, and there is no 'correct' way for it to look. The Daily Mail reports , “Resident cosmetic doctor and GP at Essex Private Doctors, Dr. Kannan Athreya, who offers the treatment, said, “It’s amazing how much impact a non-surgical treatment can have on such an intimate area, and we’ve seen a huge rise in demand as Intima has garnered more prominence. People often balk at the idea of a surgical labiaplasty, but it provides a painless, convenient and safe alternative.””

Like we mentioned earlier, we have no issues with a woman choosing to get a vontouring, or any other kind of cosmetic surgery done should she want it. What we do take an issue to, is the fact that Vontouring is being marketed to imply that a woman's sexual organs aren't fine, or good enough the way they are, and now suddenly are in need of bronzing, concealing, or tightening. The beauty industry thrives on our insecurities, and maybe, this is going too far.

There are as many women getting rid of their pubic hair, as there are women who are taking back their pubic hair. But the problem with any and all of the cosmetic procedures is that they keep reinforcing the idea that your vagina needs 'improvement.' Which it doesn't. And the only person who can tell you if it needs 'rejuvenation' should be you, not the clinics.

Cosmetic procedures to make the human body look more desirable and attractive have been around for a while, but the health risks associated with them are not something that is talked about much, if at all. With women freezing their thighs to get butts like Kim Kardashian , and other vaginal tightening procedures, we won't be surprised if someday, we see a procedure that braids your pubic hair and plants flowers on your vagina to make it look pretty.

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