#VagabombPicks: 18 of Superwoman's Best Videos on YouTube

If you're in and around your twenties, and you haven't heard of Lilly Singh, aka, IISuperwoman II, it's time you step out of the rock you've been living under all this while. After a massively successfull career, YouTube celebrity and comedian is finally on her way to India as part of her 'Unicorn Island World Tour.' Known in India and world over for her satires on everyday life, this Indo-Canadian superstar, is finally starting the India chapter of her tour.

Source: Lillysinghtour

While there are those lucky few who've managed to hustle tickets to her performance (our envy knows no bounds), there are also the unfortunate majority for whom the end of the tunnel had 'sold out' written on it. So while we lament about the failure of our internet speed, or rejoice about the efficiency of our timing, here is a run down of some of Superwoman's best work. From the humourous brilliance she churns out every week, here are 18 videos that give us gut-hurt LOLs every time.

If My Period Was a Person

Sh*t Punjabi Mothers Say

How I Clean My Room

Excuses I Make For Everything

Brown Weddings - Pt. II

How to be the Perfect Brown Person

How Girls Get Ready...

Girls On Their Periods.

How My Parents See Things...

Things Kids Lie About

Types of Drunk People (The DRUNKtionary)

How Much of a Hot Mess Are You?! Find out HERE!

Types of Relatives

How I Deal With Kids (ft. Karan Brar)

What I Do On Airplanes

How I Write Tests

The Difference Between Brown and White Girls

If My Brain Were A Person (ft. Connor Franta)

If you still feel luck could be on your side, get your tickets here .





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