#VagabombPicks: 60+ Themed Birthday Cakes That Are Simply Gorgeous

Why do we love birthdays? One word: Cake. And what's better than a spongy little piece of sweet heaven? A spongy little piece of sweet heaven that's gorgeous to look at.

To make your or your loved one's birthday even more special, here is a handpicked collection of the cutest, prettiest, and most adorable cakes there are, sorted by theme and interest.

So, have a birthday coming up? Here's your go-to guide to the most beautiful cake designs you can get made. Feast your eyes, and later your taste buds.

For the animated film lovers

For the die-hard Game of Thrones fan

For the superhero geek in your life

For the fashion forward ones

For the movie buff

For the music maniac

For the gamer, or the general fun lover

For the sports fanatic

For the proud bookworm

For the nature lovers

For the one with the quirks and hobbies

Decided on your next cake, yet?





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