UNICEF's New Campaign Shows Us What Really Happens to Children When a Natural Disaster Strikes

The year has almost come to an end, and it is the time to think of everything we have to be thankful for. While we do that from the safety of our homes, and with our friends and family close, we can't help but remember a million other people who have lost those very things.

UNICEF's new campaign 'World Upside Down' is a call for action aimed to keep children in war and crisis situations safe. With London-based content creation agency Don't Panic, UNICEF has made a series of films designed to show you how lives change when disaster strikes, in the form of a war or natural disaster, and how the ones who are always most at risk are children.

We will never truly understand just what they go through, but watching these videos does bring us close. The first video shows an ordinary family enjoying a day out in the park. Smiling parents watch while their children play happily, but the atmosphere turns sombre immediately as the parents are forced to see how different their children's lives would be if they were simply born to a different set of parents in a different country.

UNICEF's UK Deputy Executive Director Lily Caprani says, “Protecting children from violence is life-saving - just as much as water, shelter and medicine. Yet it isn’t prioritized in the same way. This has to change.” UNICEF is working towards that change, and is asking for help so they can do better, as can be seen in the next two videos, which detail the story of two little girls, whose lives changed completely after the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal on 12th May this year.

Sumitra, 12, was saved by a UNICEF-funded transit centre which helps children who have been abandoned, orphaned, or rescued from trafficking since the earthquake.

Like many others in Nepal, Sushma lives with a fear of buildings since the earthquake. She saw people and animals buried under the rubble, and watched as some of her friends and family died in the earthquake.

If these videos have helped you understand what the children in Nepal are currently going through, and you would like to help UNICEF rehabilitate them, sign the petition here .

To learn more about the amazing work that Unicef does, please visit Unicef .





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