This Series of Hilarious PSAs Are a Lighthearted, Effective Take on Women's Safety

We've all come across boring and preachy PSAs which have nothing new to offer. But Indian media house, Eeksaurus is here to change just that.

In light of the growing epidemic of rising cases of violence against women, Eeksaurus has created a series of PSAs that urge women to not hesitate and report a crime on the slightest of suspicions.

With the use of a futuristic narrative advertising style, the series manages to send the desired message, with a touch of humour while at it.

In most cases of sexual assault and abuse, when women are alone, victims hesitate to call the police and take action, fearing scrutiny and insensitivity from the authorities. These videos were especially made to demolish the common perception of the police and urge women to make complaints and call for help whenever they're in need.

The films are a lighthearted approach to self defence, and women's safety, and accurately portray the perpetrators as lecherous scums. Here are the videos, which are satirical depictions of products from the future that are meant to be for self defence. The ingenious products seem like a great idea against sexual assaulters, until the climax which states these are available only in the future, but until then the police are at your service.

Porcupine Jacket - Free hugs to molesters

Intergalactic Pest Control

Bagzilla - Portable Monster Assist

Anti Flasher Laser

We're loving this new brilliant way to get a public service message across. And we're hoping the police are as effective as this campaign is.





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