This Princess Is the Sassy Hero Every Little Girl Needs but Rarely Gets

Every children's story you've ever read begins and ends the same way, with the princess losing her parents to a tragic accident in the beginning and ending up married to a prince, with nothing much to do apart from looking pretty. This fairy tale, The Princess: Totally A Children's Story, however, is much more realistic and has an ending that will crack you up.

The writer and illustrator of the story, Shifani Reffai, is a Sri Lankan artist and videographer, and this is her first illustrated story. She told Vagabomb, “I've always enjoyed making people laugh and writing about female life experiences. The Princess is an odd mixture of the two. I'm hoping to make a habit out of it after the surprisingly positive response it got.”

It starts normally, like most fairy tales do.

The Princess becomes the Queen and continues to be badass.

Um, what?

And this is when shit gets real. 

Read this to all the kids you know!

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You can see more of Shifani's work here





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