12 Things You Didn’t Know about Keeping Your Vagina Healthy

Life as a woman is not easy. We have to set aside a certain amount of money every month to buy sanitary napkins, tampons, and painkillers. Sex is not always fun, and will take a few tries to get right, and then there's the regular infections and itchiness in the vagina to take care of anytime our pH balance decides to go for a toss. What might seem like a tiny little rash may turn out to be a serious infection needing you to rush to the gynaecologist, and spend more time and money.

All of this can be avoided if you just knew how to keep your vagina clean and healthy; so take a look at all the things that we can do to ensure proper vaginal hygiene.

Wash your vagina with lukewarm water, preferably on the cooler side.

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Don't use perfumed douches or scented soaps. Your vagina is not meant to smell like roses, so stop trying to make it smell like one.

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If you need to wash your vagina, use a safe wash that has been prescribed to clean your vagina.

Throw out those satin and lace panties. Wear cotton underwear, and let your vagina breathe.

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Make sure you change your underwear daily.

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Don't wear jeans that are too tight, or might chafe. And under no circumstances should you be wearing gym clothes for too long. Shed those sweaty clothes and take a shower quick, or else you're setting yourself up for an infection.

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Make sure you clean up after using the loo, using water and/or toilet paper. Always wipe down, but NEVER back to front.

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Ensure that you wash yourself thoroughly after sex, since condoms and bodily fluids could irritate your skin.

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Do not keep a tampon in for longer than prescribed, or you could run the risk of contracting Toxic Shock Syndrome. Even if you use a pad, ensure that you change it every few hours.

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Keep an eye on your diet, and control your alcohol and caffeine intake, since they have been known to cause vaginal dryness.

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There are certain food items, however, you should always consume to keep your vagina healthy.

Make sure you exercise every part of your body, including your vagina, to stay fit. Do Kegel exercises regularly to control and prevent urinary incontinence, and other pelvic problems.

Source: American Pregnancy

You do not need to wax your bikini area for hygiene purposes, but if you still choose to, make sure the instruments used have been sanitised. The wax should be fresh, and the individual performing the procedure should be a trained professional.

Source: Shape

When it comes to your #IntimateAffairs, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Life with a vagina is tough, ladies. Keep yourselves informed, so you can do everything possible to avoid the physical, emotional, and financial pain of recurring vaginal health concerns.

Stay safe, stay clean, and stay happy, ladies. 





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