The Ultimate Wine Guide: We Answer Every Single Query You May Have Had About the Drink

Illustrations by Mir Suhail

A lot of us love wine, but in the unfortunate chaos of our millennial lives, very few of us can invest the time and effort needed to really learn about wine and the craft behind it. There are quite a few wine tours and tastings propping up these days, and you can choose to go on one and learn more about this drink. Until you find the time to do that, Vagabomb spoke to wine connoisseur Ajit Balgi, from The Happy High, to make a handy guide that will start you off on a wine journey and provide you with all the basic tools.    

Types of wine

Wine is usually a drink made by fermenting grapes. It can technically be made from anything that has sugar, but for anything other than grapes, the ingredient becomes a prefix, like Plum wine, Pineapple wine, or Rice wine. So when you hear or say just 'wine,' it's assumed to be made of grapes. The five kinds of wine are red, white, rose, sparkly, and fortified. To fortify means to add a distilled spirit, like brandy, to the wine.


These are the most common terms used to describe and talk about wines; dry, body, acidity, tannis, and reserve. 

Indian Wine

The Indian market has been steadily increasing over the last couple of years. The sheer variety of options means you can pick a nice bottle of wine without spending too much on it. And just as easily you can indulge yourself in a really nice bottle, if you so wish. In a nutshell, you are spoilt for choice. 

So when you are heading out to the store next time and want to pick out a wine, use this handy guide that includes the best wines available in India in three different prices ranges. 

Pairings with Indian food

Now that you know how to buy wine, a big question is what to eat with it. Unlike a beer, or even a whiskey, paring a wine blindly with food might not give you the best dining experience. Our pairing guide will tell you which one to sip along with what food, and not just exotic food that might seem unreasonable to eat just to enjoy wine. We also paired it with Indian staples that are loved everywhere.

Wine glasses

The next time you pick up a wine glass, we are going to make sure you do it perfectly. From where to hold and why, you won't miss anything at your next gathering. 


Finally, some quick tips, just to make sure you have everything you need to set out on your wine journey. Remember to never chug your wine!

Now go out into the world, and conquer it like a true Roman goddess, with a glass of wine in your hand. 





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