16 Women Share Their Strangest, Weirdest, and Funniest Dating Experiences in India

Think you are the only one with who has bad luck when it comes to dating? You would be very, very wrong. Most of us have been on some form of a bad date or had an experience we'd rather hadn't happened. Unless you are one of the lucky few who's never had to deal with the perils of dating. So to figure out exactly how bad us single people have it sometimes, we asked women to tell us their worst, funniest, and weirdest experiences when it came to dating, and the answers will make you at least feel solidarity with women everywhere if nothing else. Read on to find out what happened to these 16 women and be thankful you weren't in their shoes.

"Boy who kept trying to make me sniff cocaine because it would be 'so much more fun.'"

"The idiot boyfriend who made me wait for three hours at a CCD, and then told me he had been waiting for me at a different CCD, two blocks away."

"I once matched with a guy on Truly Madly. He turned out to be very different from what I had imagined him to be. He kept dropping names of all the famous people he knew. I was bored with the way the date was going. So, I thought I would ask him a simple question. I asked him about his hobbies and he flexed his biceps and said, 'Can't you guess?' After that, there was no way to save the date."

"I once went out with a guy only because I'd been screwed over by his best friend. I was 21, so my idea of revenge was very lame and Bollywood-ish. On our date, it was clear that neither one of us was interested, and he eventually told me that he'd asked me out to make his ex jealous. It was a mess, but we also thought it was hilarious. But then his best friend, my ex, found out that we went out (a couple of times - I'm not sure why) and it's six years later but they still don't talk to each other. They'd known each other since they were five.

"Idiot who went around narrating sex stories of the both of us, but did not know that one of his friends was my good friend. Apparently oral is not really for girls, 'unko kuch hota hi nahi hai.' Idiot. There was a reason for 'kuch hota hi nahi hai.'"

"I was casually seeing a guy, quite a few years older than me. His parents really wanted him to get married, like going to see potential brides level. Instead of asking them to not hurry it, he asked me to marry him instead. We had met a month ago."

"I went on a couple of dates with a guy, who then disappeared. Fast forward a few months, I get super sexual messages from him. I tell him to fuck off and block him. Fast forward a year or so, he finds me on social media and sends numerous texts asking for forgiveness and a second chance. Neither has been granted."

"I had a friend who used to like hanging out with me, and I thought it was because we were friends. After a month he went all, 'So where are we now?' I answered, 'In an auto,' not understanding the meaning. He believed that we had been dating for a month or so, while I thought we were just friends. So is it a bad dating experience, if I didn't know that I was dating? I don't know."

"I was dating someone for a few weeks when I found out he had murdered someone in a gang fight when he was still a teenager, by stabbing them (this was in the States) and gone to rehab. Safe to say, our relationship could not recover from this blow (or stabbing rather).

"Super awkward.

I went ahead with to meet someone thinking it was a casual meet-up while he came thinking of it as a date. Anyway, we met, started chatting and drinking and then in the middle, while I was speaking, he interrupts and asks, 'Is talking all you want to do?' I later realised what he meant and it got so ugly and disgusting for me after. By the way, we met after we matched on Tinder.

"I once matched with a guy in my office on Tinder. We never spoke in office since we were in totally different departments, so I actually did not know it was him. But on Tinder, he turned out be really rude so I unmatched. I later found out that he was the guy who passed me by in the corridors sometimes and smiled at me. Super Awkward."

"I had just started seeing someone, went on a two or so dates. The third time I met him he was at my door, in the middle of the night, drunk out of his mind with a broken hand."

"I was on a Tinder date and had gone directly from the office. I was wearing a kurta. The guy told me, 'You should've made more effort in dressing up since you were coming for a date.' The guy was in casuals so I asked, 'Where are your shirt and trousers then?' To which he replied, 'At least I look good in casuals!'"

"I once became friends with someone, we didn't date. But I did get catfished by his ex (or so I was told), who was pretending to be him. So fake him told me how I was a horrible person, and unfit to be a relationship. In a lot of detail."

"My roommate and I once matched with the same guy on Tinder. And he had no idea. Even when we changed our display photos to the same one, he did not understand. We finally told him -- and he was very shocked."

"I went on a date with a guy who was intelligent, good looking, and witty. I was really enjoying his company when another guy joined us. Within a few minutes, these two men were into each other and I started feeling like a third wheel. After a while, my date said that the second guy was his boyfriend and they wanted to see if they could meet a girl for a threesome. I got out of there asap. Awkward!

Have you had weirder experiences than these? Tell us in the comments.

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