Shah Rukh Khan Just Said the Creepiest Thing About Romancing Younger Heroines

So, here’s the thing. We love Shah Rukh Khan. We love his movies, we love his songs, we love his interviews, we love his wit and we love his speeches. Until we read the transcript of the speech he delivered at IIM Bangalore for the alumni on December 11. He starts fine, explaining how he had a panic attack when he realized how many super smart people will be in the audience. But then, in true hero style, he starts giving a speech that seems to have all the ingredients of a hit.

Then he talks about something that happens in Bollywood a lot:

“See I am fifty. An age where you most likely are making retirement plans not romantic plans. But here I am still coochie cooing girls my children's age. And no they don't look up to me, actually they can't because they are all taller than me, they treat me as their age/equal, having been put in the position of someone who is a romantic hero. I have cultivated a belief that I can love them back as beautifully as any man can, age notwithstanding. With respect, dignity and putting my own experiences of life, which younger heroes won’t have.”

So far, so good. It’s not news that he romances younger heroines, but it’s nice to know he realizes the weirdness of the situation. But then he drops this bomb:

“Though I must admit girls having a bit of a father fixation comes in handy with my endeavours.”

WHAT?! NOOOO. WHY? What happened there? How did this speech go from interesting to creepy in five seconds flat? I mean, Donald Trump saying shady things about his daughter was disgusting but not surprising, but Shah Rukh Khan saying young girls having a father fixation helps him romance them on screen is… creepy, alarming, scarring, uncomfortable and a little frightening.

Does SRK really believe this? Is this a joke gone wrong? Why was he joking about daddy issues or father fixation anyway? How many more 90s dreams will be crushed before the year ends?





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