Why Red FM’s New #BahutKiyaSammaan Infomercial Is All Kinds of Lame

Your voice may run hoarse trying to knock the whole point of equality in the brains of your peers, but words and actions run the risk of hitting dead ends more often that not. Apart from the criticism you may face for speaking your mind, or throwing light on stuff that objectifies women or projects them out to be damsels trying to beat distress, one rakhi, or mangalsutra , or sympathy vote at a time, your effort is bound to surpass many who don't see anything wrong with these gender stereotypes that society has etched in our psyche.

But what is more alarming is when people who have their basics wrong, decide to make public service videos centered around auraton ka samman , and go to town with it.

One such example is popular radio channel RED FM's new infomercial, a part of their #BahutKiyaSammaan campaign, which focuses on curbing sexual abuse against women. Except, that in the video, the woman slaps an onlooker because he didn't do squat when she was being eve teased in front of him. Wait, what??

Take a look:

Kya aap ne bhi kiya hai inn jaison ka sammaan? #BahutKiyaSammaan

Posted by Red FM on Friday, 29 January 2016

Are you serious, RED FM?

So you mean to say that a woman standing in broad daylight, being eve teased unabashedly, shouldn't react, but hold every douche around her responsible for bailing her out of it. And maybe mutter bachao bachao under her breath 10 times, before finding a monkey to slap for inaction? Because, bahut kiya sammaan na dumb onlookers ka ? So, obviously, it is fair to beat the shit out of them, instead of taking matters in your own hands, and standing up to the perpetrator so that he knows that women are not as helpless as harassers think they are?

Because aurtein kamzor hoti hain, na ?

We think this video defeats its intent by projecting women as porcelain dolls, who are helpless when it comes to being teased, or harassed. Listen up, girls: before you expect others to jump in to salvage you from what you are being put through, SHOUT YOUR GUTS OUT. MAKE NOISE. MACE THEM. HIT THEM IN THE BALLS. FIGHT BACK. DO SOMETHING, GODDAMNIT!


Also, how can you slap?





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