9 Reasons We Will Always Love Elizabeth Bennet

Over two centuries have passed since Pride and Prejudice was published, and it still remains a timeless classic. The love story is one of the biggest reasons behind its endurance, but one of the reasons it's such an enduring favourite is the novel's heroine, Elizabeth Bennet. Purveyor of the titular prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet is a woman so ahead of her time, that we still look up to her, want to be her, and embody the spirit of this perfect Austen heroine. Let's take a look at all the reasons we will always love Elizabeth Bennet.

She never received formal education, but made sure to educate herself.

She was confident and sure of herself, and even someone as imposing as Mr. Darcy couldn't intimidate her.

She always put her family first.

And would definitely have nothing to do with a man who dared to insult them.

She wouldn't accept a partner for reasons less than love...

An ideal she stuck to, in spite of the fact that marrying Collins would give her financial security, something that no woman in her time could get on her own.

She understood the importance of kindness over money and a sharp tongue.

She never, ever took advantage of Mr. Darcy's feelings for her.

And she always, always, spoke her mind.

Even though Elizabeth was written several years ago, readers still continue to identify with her. If there's one thing we're sure of, it is that readers will continue to be fascinated by Elizabeth Bennet and the story of how Mr. Darcy won her over for 200 years more.





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