10 Reasons We Love Gossip and Why It's Good for You

Say what you may about it, but if gossip were food, we'd all be overweight. We love our sumptious daily dose of the grapevine, and given a choice we'd always want more. So all you gossip lovers out there, it's time to rejoice. Gossip is not just loads of fun, it's also pretty darn good for you, and here's why.

1. It’s validation at its best.

For the times when hating people is simply not enough. You can collectively hate on that nasal-voiced co-worker who self-invites herself to exclusive parties, or the dim manager who’s here only because of ‘connections,’ with some good old gossip.

2. It’s a brilliant stress buster.

It’s the best (and free) way to vent negative emotions, without spending buck-loads on yoga, meditation, or a shrink.

3. It’s an ice breaker.

Arguably the best way to start a friendship, after you’ve passed the let's-go-play-in-the-park stage of life. Also, stalk-them-till-they-give-in-and-become-friends is still illegal.

4. It encourages social bonding.

Ever wondered why colony aunties bond like industrial strength glue? It’s because Sharma-ji ki beti and Mr. Khanna ka affair is what keeps them going. A common enemy (read: bitching subject) is a better bond than 007 endorsing FeviQuick.

5. It boosts your self esteem.

Knowing how bratty your nemesis’ kids turned out, or how crippling your resignation was for your ex-boss, via your trusted gossip vine, is the best way to feel so much better about how your life turned out.

6. It’s an effective people filter.

From learning about the girl who flakes out of every group project, or the boy who displays his ’frandship’ availability like a medal, you can learn a hell lot about the people you need to avoid like the plague through the reliable gossip vine.

7. It’s science, bitch!

Gossip is good, because science says so! Healthy gossiping (and we mean it, literally) increases progesterone—the hormone that reduces stress and anxiety—and keeps you happy.

8. It’s your fastest source of information.

Thanks to the lightening fast speed of the gossip circuit, information can travel at speeds which put the Japanese bullet train to shame.

9. When it’s credible, it can keep you ahead of your office game.

Office gossip is the next best way to be ahead of your professional game. Second only to making coffee for the boss and sharing home food with the annoying senior. Gossip is definitely the cheapest.

10. It makes you a good storyteller.

If you’re the proud bearer of buzz, you’ve probably devised ways and means to add your own pinch of seasoning to it. Whatever they may say, you have the most amazing stories to tell, and you've crafted your own style!

Next time someone shuts you up for gossiping, tell 'em to chill. You go, gossip girl!





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