Period-Inspired Jewellery to Create a Statement. Why the Hell Not?

While there are shopkeepers who still wrap and rewrap sanitary napkins in newspapers and black polythene for the shameful evidence of the female reproductive system that periods are, a jewellery designer in London has taken inspiration from periods and PMS to create statement jewellery pieces.

Lili Murphy-Johnson has made brooches, rings, bracelets and bead embroideries that are pretty, wearable, and badass. And she's only 22. On her website , she writes, “Periods are stigmatized in our culture from a long history of superstition and inequality for women. There is an interesting conflict with the perception of the female body, being seen as so perfect, yet also as so grotesque and unclean.”

The best part of the collection, which is inspired by “menstruation, and the frustrating, leaking female body,” is perhaps the names of the pieces. Imagine wearing something called Laila’s Flower, Overspill, Stained Knickers or Used Sanitary Towel Ring while taking down the patriarchy.

Laila's Flower

Used Sanitary Towel Ring

Stained Knickers

In an interview to Broadly , Murphy-Johnson said, “I get quite bad PMS, and that was the main start to the project. I wanted to create jewellery that imitated the way I felt when I was like that. It was the emotional side of periods that got me into creating period-inspired jewellery. My work explores how periods affect our bodies.”

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