12 Milestones Which Prove That You Are Finally Adulting

Growing up isn't easy. Mostly because the concept is subjective, and elaborate. I mean, no one hands you a manual when you are at the cusp of 20 about the things you need to do to hit the adult nail in the head, right? One just figures things out as one goes along. So what if one is bound to fail? And so what if all the other tools in the shed are judging you while you struggle? Just be yourself and do your thing, that is, seemingly, the key.

But if you are still fixated on your dose of adulting validation, let these twelve points instil some confidence in you.

Shopping for vegetables and fruits, and sticking to the chowkhat of ghar ka khaana . Regularly. Almost.

Getting clothes dry-cleaned. By yourself. On your dime (woah!).

Agreeing with disconcerting parental opinion. Because they know best, even if they don't know shit (Who would have thunk?). Strangely, maa-baap ke suggestions don't make you question whether you really came from them.

Saying yes to safe sex, partners or fuck buddies no matter (you can do it!).

Also, being able to say NO, if need arises (Yes, seriously).

Stopping at two glasses of wine. WINE, for chrissake! Because, old bones and ball crunching hangovers hit you hard as a motherfucker when you are on the wrong side of twenties. Also gin and tonic, and other such jokes in the name of alcohol. #funfact.

Designation and pay hike, with respect to your age and experience (yippy). So what if you feel like the management will catch your con before you can spell run.

Taking responsibility for your actions. Which includes physical fitness, dental hygiene, skin hygiene, bowel movement, sleep deficit, and yada yada yada.

Romancing the idea of that godforsaken shaadi ka laddoo . Or just getting over the whole concept of horsing around, and giving consistency a shot. I mean, how bad can it be, right?

Following a routine. For fuck sake, you have to. Or else routine will haunt you till you cave in, or die. Because for all your recklessness, there will always be a chronic/sporadic (however you like it) health issue looming over your debauchery. Karma, remember?

Taxes, savings, and investments. OHMYF*#@#$%*GAAWD! Because you can run with all your hard-earned precious money like Gollum on steroids chasing 'The Ring,' but you can't hide from the Income Tax Department out for your monetary blood.

You recently bought a toaster, or a juicer, or a heater, or an ironing board, or a sofa, or anything remotely to do with furniture and kitchen appliances. Even cutlery. (YAAAS!)

But most importantly, not giving a flying fuck about how you choose to live your life, even if log kya kahengay ! Well, at least you try.

Stay awesome!

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