70+ Matching Tattoos for You and Your Loved One to Seal the Deal

Nothing expresses love much like willingly subjecting oneself to momentary pain for a loved one. Getting a matching tattoo is not just a beautiful expression of love, but a lifelong declaration of commitment owing to its permanence and symbolic significance. Show your significant other you're ready to take the next step—by getting inked together.

Here is our rundown of some gorgeous inspiration for next level romance—a matching tattoo.

Because you make each others' lives musical.

When you complete each other.

To grow old together but never grow up.

Old school, endless love.

To tie a bow to the knot.

When you can no longer fly solo.

When you just love hugs.

With the one who made waves in your life.

With the one who completes you.

The Yin to your Yang.

For the ones who wear their heart on their sleeves.

To keep your promise to be together.

Good old initials.

For those who are royal in their own right.

Origami love.

Heart-ly any ink.

For those who'll never fall out of love.

Because you grew wise together.

When you don't need a wing-man, just wings.

Feather touch.

To never leaf each other.

To set a date (anniversary or first meeting) in stone.

For the literal heart-to-heart.

To anchor your love in black and white.

If you grew up together, this is a mark of what you grew up with.

For the Game of Thrones fan, who loves the sun and stars.

Here comes the sun.

For you and your significant otter.

Your loved one's name in morsecode. Get your own here .

To grow more in love with a magic growth mushroom.

For your own silver lining.

Shine on, you stars.

When you're birds of a feather.

When you're both electronically awesome.

When your circle of life revolves around them.

Nautical love.

When you both fit perfectly together.

Fist bump to love.

Because you'd rather be alone together, in a universe far far away.

Geometrically yours.

For the Disney enthusiasts.

A sound wave image representing your names or a message. Make your own with this app .

Infinity on your fingertips.

When they hold the arrow to your heart.

Make a special memory together permanent.

Minimalist Disney love.

For your collective crowning glory.

For love that can outlast an apocalypse.

When someone has a piece of your heart.

Two little swans swimming in a pond.

The key to your heart.

To put magic in both your lives.

To sync your heartbeats (at least visually).

When your love for Tetris just fit together.

To show some gamer love.

For the macabre lovers.

When you're in your own little universe when you're together.

For the rockstars that you are.

If Orange is the new black for you too.

Because you're transported to your happy place when you're together.

When you both are two phases of the moon.

When you find your missing piece.

Because life is incomplete without them.

For the one that fills the gap in your life.

For your love for sunny pretty designs.

To toast your love.

Doe, a deer.

To seal the deal with an epic hand-hold.

To show some kitty love.

Heartbeat sound-waves. To be in sync.

Nothing says love better than a unique fingerprint tattoo.

For the cheesy ones.

Permanent and so much edgier than just a ring.

So go ahead and spread the love.

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