Ladies Nights Aren’t about Women. It’s a Clever Marketing Strategy to Make Men Spend More

All those Saturday nights when you were at the bar, clutching your free cocktail, you must've had a male friend come up and start talking about the unfairness of the free drinks that are given only to women? Why do women have all the fun? Why do women constantly complain about equality, when here they are, getting free drinks? We're here to blow that myth wide open. 

You would think that after eons of dealing with pushy men, gender-based violence, and a denial of basic rights, a girl could enjoy one free drink without being booed; but life just doesn't work that way. Utopia is not here. Ladies' nights are a phenomenon which is problematic and contended. While many women are thankful for one day of free drinking and relaxation, there are hundreds of men on the internet, and otherwise, just going off about how ladies' nights are a meninist issue, with women getting preferential treatment.

There is nothing wrong with accepting free drinks, when you are being used as a tool by the bars. The first thing we must remember about ladies' nights is that they are not for the benefit of the women themselves.

Ladies' nights were originally designed as a marketing trick with women as bait to attract men, for the men to throng in and gawk at drunk ladies. It is female objectification at its subtle best. Generally, the free drinks are offered during a certain time slot, and less time and more drinks equals more drunk women. 

Ladies' nights are basically adverts of bars full of drunk women to attract the 'typical heterosexual male.' Ladies' nights make good economic sense for most clubs, because they draw the largest crowds. Women come for the free drinks, and men come for the women.

Not only are these a trick to lure in more male customers, they also perpetrate a gender stereotype like there is no tomorrow. Most ladies' nights' drinks include only cocktails and light drinks, the so-called ' feminine drinks' with pink parasols and lots of fruits, because hey, women like fruits, flowers, and pink. They just don't have it in them to down rum or whiskey. *queue eye roll*

Often you cannot even taste the alcohol under all the layers.

Most drinks on this particular night use cheap alcohol and bad liquor to make the drinks, to make the cost cutting effective. So, at the end of the day, not only are men paying more for drinks, there is also a bunch of leftover money that was saved by using sub-par alcohol in the free drinks. Voila, marketing strategy successful.

Another reason the ladies' nights' are not as inclusive for women as they are supposed to be is that the trope of the 'gold-digging woman' is perpetrated. Bartenders are dismissive of women, and the men believe that the women are there only for the free things, because what self respecting woman would accept free drinks, right? It's not as if there is a wage gap or anything. 

It's about time that women are able to go out and have a drink or two without gender stereotypes biting at their ankles. And for the men, they did try 'gentlemen's night,' but no one went. So can everyone just enjoy their drink and stop complaining? And if men really have a problem with ladies' nights, stop attending them, and then let's see how long they last. 





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