Indian Women’s Body-Shaming Stories Find the Perfect Outlet in This Artist’s Illustrated Book

Kritika Trehan is a 22-year-old Bangalore-based freelance graphic designer, illustrator, and student. When she was asked to base her final thesis project on a literary piece, she picked up Naomi Wolf's The Beauty Myth, and got to work. The result was a whole book on the body-shaming experiences that all Indian women, ages 13-55, go through, called Excess.

"After doing my research, I realised that fat shaming wasn't the only kind of shaming out there, there was skinny shaming too. I wanted the name of the book to encompass both these aspects, hence the word 'excess' came about, with the letters X and S highlighted."




The book is based entirely on the experiences of Indian women, so she decided to use imagery that we have all seen around us.

"I could not ignore Bollywood here, since it is a huge part of our pop culture, just like advertisements and magazines, which dictate the ideals of beauty and perfection a woman is supposed to adhere to."















She elaborated on her choice of medium:

"I chose to do collages, since body-shaming is something which induces one to "alter" the way they look, which is what collages essentially are. One uses already existing material to change, or alter, and create something new."




























You can check out the whole project on her website.

All pictures are property of Kritika Trehan, and have been reprinted with her permission.





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