10 Controversial Fashion Ads That Glamourise Crimes Against Women

Fashion brands aren’t alien to controversy . Dolce and Gabbana, which has been a front-runner in the controversial ad bandwagon, had recently sparked another dispute over their take on what counts as the ‘natural’ way to have a family.

Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce’s statement that children born through IVF are ‘synthetic’ received backlash from influential people, such as Elton John and publicist Kelly Cutrone. Kelly Cutrone went a step ahead, and posted a Dolce and Gabbana ad campaign that very blatantly portrayed a woman being sexually assaulted by several men.

This entire issue raked not only the aforementioned controversial ad, but also the gritty subject of how far the fashion advertising industry has gone to degrade the position of women in society.

In light of these concerns, we've pulled together a few more fashion ads juxtaposed with real statistics (India centric) that prove that the fashion industry continues to be insensitive towards women to date.

Here are 10 ads that play out and almost glamourise these shocking statistics.

1. “Most perpetrators of sexual violence are men.”

2. “In every 10 hours, a woman in India is gang-raped or sexually assaulted by more than one man.”

3. “In India, women drug offenders come from abused homes or use narcotics to reduce weight.”

4. “Nearly one in three rape victims in India are below the age of 18.”

5. “About 17% women are sexually harassed at their workplace.”

6. “Women whose partners abused alcohol were 3 times more likely to be assaulted by their partners.”

7. “70% of women in India have been victims of domestic violence.”

8. “In 15% of rapes the offender has used a weapon.”

9. “In every 3 minutes a crime against woman is committed in India.”

10. “Magazines and media images continue to be a major influence of girls’ idea of the ‘ideal body type’."

We don’t blame ads for rape, or crimes against women. The one to blame for the crime is solely the perpetrator. But the imagery in these ads desensitize individuals towards gruesome crimes and subconsciously glamourise these grave offences, which ought to be fiercely looked down upon.

Time to put down that Vogue, girl.





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