10 Brilliant Urdu Insults That Will Leave People Bewildered and Clueless

Have you ever wanted to really insult someone, but were afraid that it would lead to a big fight, and maybe create a scene? Of course you have. The problem is that if you insult someone in English, Hindi, or any other vernacular language that everyone understands, you might have a problem on your hands, especially in a city like Delhi, where so many people are just itching to get into a fight.

As usual, we've got your back. The beautiful language that is Urdu is unfortunately not spoken or understood as widely as it should be, except in Salim-Javed movies. The plus side is that you can insult people in this beautiful language without them being the wiser, not only because they don't understand what you're saying, but also because every Urdu word is as full of tehzeeb as Alok Nath is of sanskaar . We'll show you how.

Talk nicely, otherwise you might find that my shoe becomes your crown.

You are the offspring of a lazy, stupid person.

My foot is in your butt's destiny.

You will die.

Does this road belong to your father?

You are a skin disease in which watery blisters form on the skin.

It is my wish that dogs pee outside your house every day.

My hand is anxious to redden your cheek.

You are an ulcer resulting from piles.

You are a tumour on the world.

Next time someone annoys you, use these insults. Not only will you be letting your anger out, but you will also get a kick out of seeing the look of bewilderment on their faces.

Original Artwork by Vineet Kumar





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