Break the Bloody Taboo: Girls in Delhi Schools to Be given Much-Needed Lessons on Menstruation

Menstruation, though a natural bodily process, is seldom talked about. As a result, several myths and misinformation surround the topic. In order to change this, and initiate a much-needed conversation, girls in Delhi government schools will now be given lessons on menstruation. NGO Sacchi Saheli will be conducting “period talks” for teenage girls in government-run schools, where frequently asked questions about menstruation will be addressed and answered. 

The campaign, called “Break the Bloody taboo,” had started with imparting these lessons in slums, and will now conduct sessions in 70 government-run schools. The team aims to adopt a scientific approach while answering questions and busting myths about menstruation.

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“Usually lessons on menstruation are imparted to girls by their mothers who unfortunately also pass on superstition, stigma, and fear surrounding the natural bodily process. There is an urgent need to educate young girls that menstruation is no disease and they need not be ashamed of it,” said Surbhi Singh, a gynaecologist, who will be conducting these lessons.

During the session, a list of questions will be handed out to girls to understand how much they know about the process.

“They will be asked basic questions such as ‘how did they find out about periods’ and whether they were informed about it before hand. The girls will also be taught how to use and dispose sanitary napkins,” Singh said.  “If need be, mothers of these girls will also be counselled to ensure that their orthodox beliefs about menstruation are changed.”

So far, these lessons have been conducted in slums in Kondli, Laxmi Nagar, Krishna Nagar, Patparganj, Trilopkpuri, Madanpur Khadar, Wazirpur, and Shakur Basti.





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