7 Bras We All Wish We Really Had

Kickass Illustrations by Aakansha Pushp

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think lingerie, is probably Victoria's Secret. The first thing that comes up when you think, 'comfortable lingerie,' is... nothing .

Whether the underwear in question is targeted at men or women, the commercials all seem like they're directed at men. Commercials advertising male underwear all end with the men getting the girl, and commercials advertising female underwear mostly feature women cavorting around in nothing but their underwear. I've been wearing a bra for over 10 years, and I've never run around staircases with my girlfriends in just my bra, like this Victoria's Secret commercial would have you believe.

Or, let's look at one of Victoria's Secret's most famous commercials here , released in 2008, which went down as being the single most-seen ad of the game, watched by 103.7 million viewers . It features supermodel Adriana Lima simply sitting on a chair and twirling a football, while I'm in the Mood for Love plays in the background.

Who do you think she's planning on playing the “real games” with? The women watching the commercial?

Inspired by this Tumblr thread, we started thinking about what it would really be like if lingerie brands actually started making bras that we really wanted, though “This bra will make you feel like Chris Evans is personally holding your breasts 24/7” doesn't sound too bad.

The Stealth-lizer

The secret weapon in every woman's arsenal. A bra that morphs its colour to anything you put on.

The Cup Holder

Holds more than the crumbs that fall into your cleavage.

The Hottie Bra-dar

Turns into a push-up as soon as it enters the vicinity of a hottie.

The Masseuse

With built-in massagers that gives those overworked shoulders and back a much-needed massage in the privacy of your top.

The BFF Locator

With a built-in GPS system that helps your friend find you whenever you're drunk and have no idea where you are—at a club, at a one-night stand, at a party, wherever.

The Pervinator

Shocks men who are too eager to go to second base with you.

The Power Brank

To charge your phones and iPods whenever you want, wherever you want.

Come on Victoria's Secret, we're waiting.





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