What It Means to Be a Modern Day Woman, Captured in These 15 Tongue-in-Cheek Illustrations

French illustrator Cecile Dormeau prefers saying it like it is. At least this is what one may gather when viewing her artwork, which is represented by a bunch of bodacious ladies. Currently based out of Germany, Cecile's characters are cheeky and playful, and reflect the everyday woes of women (even men) through her realistic observations. 

“A lot of my illustrations obviously empower women. I like representing women in a way that we’re not used to seeing them. I want to celebrate women’s weaknesses along with their strengths,” she told Huffington Post.

From women shaving their legs, to clicking selfies, to chilling with their girlfriends, to scouting for boys, to dealing with harassment, and standing up to misogyny, Cecile's quirky and humourous way of putting a point across is more than palpable in her work.

It doesn't just revolve around body positivity, and keeping it real, but also tackles the subject of sexual harassment. "To highlight topics like sexual harassment is important to me. What woman has never (unfortunately) been harassed on public transport? A lot of my followers tell me that they identify with my work, which proves that we really need to speak more about it to find answers," she told HuffPo.

“Through my illustrations, I want women to realize that we are all a bit fucked up sometimes — and that’s completely okay,” Dormeau said. “You’re not alone to struggle and fight with your insecurities and problems. We just have to find a way to speak about it, share it and laugh about it together. We are enough, we are great just as we are.”

Get more dope on her work on Tumblr and Instagram.

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