17 Times Indian Film Subtitles Were so Bad, They Were Good

There are good dialogues and there are bad dialogues, and then there are the unfortunate subtitles that surpass both. Tumblr page Paagal Subtitle is dedicated to subtitles gone wrong and they are, needless to say, hilarious! In certain cases, I’d rather watch the film with THESE than the original. 

When this happened to Ye Bandhan Toh Pyaar Ka Bandhan Hai.

When Akshay Khanna gave us TMI.

When 'that's what she said' took a revolutionary turn.

When English sub-cultures were discussed in an interesting manner.

When Madhuri Dixit got passive-aggressive.

When Vidya Balan tried to pull a Nancy Drew with eggs (?!).

When Nargis made us awkward AF.

When the pertinent questions of vegetarianism were asked.

When someone paid their regards to the Lannisters.

When real art was discussed.

When patriarchy trainwrecked dreams.

When duck faces got out of control.

When romance was handled like pizza.

When The Beatles probably said goodbye, when you said hello (hello, hello!).

When fatal bindis were discussed.

When this self-sufficient man spoke.

When the truth about Tinder dates came to life.

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Thanks for the laughs, guys!

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