This Woman Lost Her Sight but Some of Her Personalities Could See

If someone gets blinded in an accident, you'd probably assume that the damage was physical, and it could only be repaired through medical or surgical means, if at all.

But in a very strange case reported by NYMag , a woman in Germany who was blinded in an accident at the age of 20, regained sight at the age of 37 after four years of psychotherapy.

And it gets even stranger. The woman, B.T, was in therapy for her dissociative identity disorder (previously known as multiple personality disorder), and only some of her personalities regained sight.

B.T, who had 10 different personalities, had been told by doctors after her accident that her blindness was caused by brain damage. Initially in therapy, only one of her personalities began to see, but over time, she almost entirely regained her sight.

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According to her diagnosis, her condition is called psychogenic blindness , which is an example of a conversion disorder – a physical malady that cannot be explained by physiological damage.

In such cases, doctors often believe that the problem isn't real, but in the patient's head. However, the U.S National Library of Medicine says that the condition is very real and cannot be turned on and off at will.

According to the Brain Decoder, B.T's case may be explained by “selective attention,” which means that the attention system completely ignores the visual information sent to the brain.

How complex is the human brain, right?





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